Ableton Push 2 Vs Maschine Studio

The two most debated audio controllers on the market are none other than Ableton Push 2 and Maschine Studio. They both offer superior performance and functionality, for sure, hence their immense popularity. Maschine Studio has long been regarded as the best controller that you can get from the price class. On the other hand, Ableton Push 2 often becomes an alternative for those who need to save some bucks. So, which model actually holds the fullest value for the money? Let’s see!

Ableton Push 2 Vs Maschine Studio

Ableton Push 2
Ableton Push 2 is especially awesome if you work or prefer to work with Ableton Live software. The controller is designed to be able to work as a natural hardware instrument for hands-on playability with the software. As an update for the original Ableton Push, Ableton Push 2 has introduced new sampling workflows, allowing you to slice, play, and perform various manipulations over the samples directly from the device. It features a large multi-color display that automatically adapts to show the things that you need to know. It’s got a load of pads – it has a total of 64 pads. Ableton Push 2 features eight touch-sensitive encoders for controlling mixer, devices, instruments, and Ableton Live browser navigation.

Maschine Studio
On the other hand, Maschine Studio boasts unprecedented physical control and intuitive visual feedback. Combining the functionalities of mixer, sampler, arranger, and effect controller, Maschine Studio can get a lot of things done. However, it only has 16 pads, which still allow you to play melodic instruments, only with a slightly more restricted possibility on the range of octaves that you can play. Also, the pads are relatively bigger, which is great if you are more convenient with large pads. Compared to Ableton Push 2, Maschine Studio certainly has better sampling quality and display screens. Maschine Studio comes with MASCHINE 2.0 software, and it works perfectly with Komplete software as well. In addition, it also includes some instruments and new drum synths.

Ableton Push 2 Vs Maschine Studio

Ableton Push 2Maschine Studio
BrandAbletonNative Instruments
Key features- Hardware instrument for hands-on playability with Ableton Live 9.5 - New sampling workflows: slice, play and manipulate samples from Push - Play or step sequence beats, notes, chords and automation- Unprecedented physical control and visual feedback - Sampler, arranger, mixer, effects, and more - Includes MASCHINE 2.0 software, instruments, and new drum synths

Customer ratings*4.4 out of 5.0 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars
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All in all, in choosing between Ableton Push 2 and Maschine Studio, you need to consider about which workflow that you prefer. If you are more comfortable with Ableton Live, you should choose Ableton Push 2. It is also the way to go if you prefer to have a lot of pads. Otherwise, if you prefer to have a handful of large pads, Maschine Studio is the way to go!

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