Ableton Push Vs APC40

Are you looking for a nice upgrade for your old pad controller? Ableton Push and Akai APC40 are popular products on the market, greatly loved by their respective users. However, choosing between these two models can be difficult, considering that these products have different advantages suitable for different purposes. Ableton Push offers a lot of velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads and various features, whereas Akai APC40 is great for launching clips and providing better control over the DAW. In the article below, we will get to know better about each of the two products. Continue reading!

Ableton Push Vs APC40

Akai APC40 is a MIDI pad controller featuring a metal non-slip chassis. It was designed in collaboration with Ableton. As the effect, it is compatible with all versions of Ableton Live without requiring any mapping. It is USB plug-and-play with Ableton on both Mac and PC. It has customizable controls to adapt to your workflow. Akai APC40 has 40 premium illuminated pad triggers, 16 LED rotary encoders for real-time control and feedback. In general, Akai APC40 is great for launching clips, controlling sends, device settings, and the mixing. The sliders and extra pans are very handy; they make the DAW control much more precise and intuitive.

On the other hand, Ableton Push comes with 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive multi-colored pads that are very useful and effective for playing and sequencing beats. You can play melody and harmony in any key, improvise with loops, and re-arrange your ideas at any tempo. It provides 11 touch-sensitive encoders for hands-on control. As you can see, Ableton Push comes with more pads than Akai APC40, but it is without the sliders. The additional pads are great for creation. The step sequencer and repeat mode make adding samples and drums very easy, and the scale mode makes adding soft synths nearly effortless. There is also a display that provides on-device feedback about the parameters that the encoders are modifying at the moment.

In terms of functionality, Ableton Push is able to perform all the functions of Akai APC40 and more. But Ableton Push has fewer physical controls, and this is the strength of Akai APC40. Because of that, Ableton Push + Akai APC40 is actually a popular combo; people use Ableton Push for creation, Akai APC40 for DAW control.

Ableton Push Vs APC40

Ableton PushAbleton APC40
Key features- 64 velocity and pressure-sensitive multi colored pads to play and sequence beats -A new way to play notes and chords. Play melody and harmony in any key - Improvise and play with loops. Trigger and re-arrange your ideas at any tempo - Hands-on control with 11 touch-sensitive encoders - Includes Ableton Live 9 Intro and works with any edition of Ableton Live 9- Exclusive bi-directional communication between the APC40 and Ableton Live - Comes with Ableton Live Akai Professional APC Edition, compatible with all versions of Ableton Live - No mapping required, USB plug-and-play operation with Ableton on Mac or PC - Customizable controls that adapt to your workflow, perform and create without limits

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It is great if you can get both Ableton Push and Akai APC40 because the two are useful in different ways. However, if you can only choose one of them, we recommend you to choose Ableton Push. Even though it has fewer physical controls, It can do all the functions of Akai APC40, and there are even more features.

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