Adam A7X Vs Neumann KH 120

Adam A7X and Neumann KH 120 are two two-way powered speakers available under the eight hundred dollars price line. Both are quite popular choices on the market. As the effect, these two products often become the choices of many people who are looking for a powerful and reliable speaker, either for pure music enjoyment, studio monitoring, or live performances. In the article below, we are going to discuss the comparisons between Adam A7X and Neumann KH 120 in order to determine which speaker that you should choose.


Performance and Output Qualities
Truth to be told, these two speakers are great and awesome. However, their audio characteristics are quite different to each other, which may make them suitable for different purposes.

Adam A7X comes with a frequency response range of 42 Hz – 50 kHz and a maximum SPL handling of up to 106 dB. It has bright, crisp, and clear audio reproduction. It is bright without getting anything too harsh, and it delivers very accurate and precise sounds. The midrange is especially critical and detailed. However, the midrange and treble can feel to be a little bit disconnected from the bass. Adam A7X makes an excellent choice for monitoring. (You can see : Adam A7X Vs A77X)

On the other hand, Neumann KH 120 has a comparably warmer audio reproduction. It has full and solid audio reproduction, with exceptional clarity. It also has very accurate lows, mids, and highs, though not as critical as Adam A7X. The sound staging and imaging are very good, with the bass having slightly better performance than Adam A7X. Overall, it indeed sounds more pleasant to the ears, making it versatile and a very good choice for live performances and music enjoyment.

Design and Features
With their power levels, these speakers are indeed intended for heavy-duty usage, so the construction quality is very important. Nevertheless, both models have been made for ruggedness and durability. They can withstand the abuse of demanding situations. However, we would like to note that Neumann KH 120 comes with a smaller form factor than Adam A7X, making it easier to place if there is some space limitation. Last but not least, Neumann KH 120 comes with onboard controls that allow you to adjust the EQ, input gain, and output level quickly and effortlessly.

Adam A7X Vs Neumann KH 120

Adam A7XNeumann KH 120
BrandAdam AudioNeumann
Key featuresGeneral Size: Near-fieldSystem type: ActiveConfiguration: 2-wayDriversLow-frequency driver: 7"Mid-frequency driver: Not applicableHigh-frequency driver: 2"Full-range driver: Not applicableDriver type: Carbon FiberSound Frequency response: 42Hz 50kHzMax peak SPL: 106 dBAmplifier class: A/BOutput power: 75WOnboard Features Input connectors: XLR, RCAStandby mode: Info not availableAcoustic space control: NoPower indicator: YesOther Width: 8" Height: 13.5" Depth: 11" Weight: 20.3- Bi-amplified (50W + 50W) two-way monitoring speaker system featuring a 5.25-inch long throw woofer and 1-inch titanium fabric dome tweeter - Precision manufactured to ± .5db tolerance ensuring perfectly matched pairs to deliver superb soundstaging and imaging. - Compact and rugged, non-resonant Aluminum enclosure eliminates unwanted cabinet induced colorations. - Free field frequency response of 52 Hz -21 kHz, ± 3 dB

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Both products are great speakers. In general, though, Neumann KH 120 makes the better value for the money. It comes with more features (the onboard controls are extremely handy) and more versatile audio qualities.

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