Akai APC40 Vs APC40 MK2

Hardware companions to music software are now commonplace since there are also a lot of brands with their own special products who offer a lot of benefits too. For those who love or having hobby in this field, we will mention you 2 series of Akai. There are Akai APC40 and Akai APC40 MK2. Curious enough for what are things that make them different ? Read this one!

Akai APC40 Vs APC40 MK2

Akai APC40
The Akai APC40 feels solid and will not dismantle itself mid-set. The size unique and interesting for something targeting performance use. It is a little but big to be comfortably backpacked, and done a lot of gigs in bars and booths where this even will not fit. It seems might get in the way of your USB, FireWire, or power cables. If it the position is in front then your screen and keyboard. It is going to disappear into the distance. And surprisingly, The left-hand side of the APC’s surface holds the clip launch buttons, and below that is the mixer section, including a cue level knob and short faders. While The knob-rich right-hand side deals with effect sends, navigation, macro controls, transport and finishes off with a replaceable DJ-style crossfader will also dig deeply about the dedicated nudge and tap tempo buttons. Round the back there is a USB connection, mains power in, on/off switch, and two footswitch inputs. (Read also : Ableton Push Vs APC40)

Akai APC40 Mk2
Akai APC40 Mk is a ‘live’ controller which is designed purely for playback of clips in Live’s session view. There are some but few concessions to studio use here. Unfortunately, there is no way to input notes and also no step sequencer. Akai APC40 MK2 is very clear in their aims so that make it is rather refreshing in a market so often crowded and called with ’Swiss Army Knife’ products. It has 8×5 matrix of buttons for launching clips is the most noticeable difference. Nowadays, fully RGB capable can allow proper colour feedback of all the myriad assignable colours within Live itself. On the other hand, that is an amazing development, allowing users to colour-code different clips to their own taste and reducing the need to look at the screen at the same time. One big advantage over the original Akai APC40 is that this product is powered solely over USB. There is not even an optional power supply and quite a step up from the original, which required a fairly hefty wall-wart at all times, and makes the Mk2 a much more portable solution.

Akai APC40 Vs APC40 MK2

Akai APC40Akai APC40 MK2
BrandAkai ProfessionalAkai Professional
Key features- Stage and studio-worthy MIDI pad controller with metal non-slip chassis designed in partnership with Ableton - 40 premium illuminated pad triggers and 16 LED rotary encoders that provide realtime control and feedback of musical activity- Compact Ableton Live controller powered by USB connection to computer - 40 pad (5x8) clip-launch matrix seamlessly integrates 1-to-1 with Ableton Live

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It is difficult to look for the negative things about the APC40 MkII as an update to the APC40. Akai have refined the choice of controls and layout and delivered on user requests. The new shape and multi–colour capability of the pads really bring the clip grid to life (though an upgrade to eight rows would have been welcome). However, the MkII faces stiffer competition than its predecessor, in particular from Push and the Novation Launchpad Range. The upcoming Launchpad Pro will make this space even more lively. While there’s a lot of crossover between these products, there are genuine points of difference that will steer you toward one or the other.

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