Apogee Groove Vs Oppo HA-2

If you are hoping to get some advice because you are in need of a portable DAC to use as primarily in your car and also to occasionally use at work with headphones, you are in the right page and articles too. Especially when you got a new phone and the sound output just is not loud or clear enough, seems like you need it immediately. We would have two suggestions and recommendations between Apogee Groove and Oppo HA-2. Your choice will be helped by the conclusion at the end of the page of articles.

Apogee Groove Vs Oppo HA-2

Apogee Groove
Apogee Groove is a simple and cheap mini USB port. The size is not more than 10 cm long and 9 gram weight. But, the sounds out from this device is high quality, the smoothness of the sound is immediately apparent, and also the vocal is able to glide atop with enough space in the mix for the reverb. This can become a fundamental plus if you’re mixing your own music by the growing of texture and volume from Groove. There is also enough for the Apogee to be satisfying. You will get the whirl and warble of the organ and the breath in Moz’s voice, but the Groove is perhaps not as intimate as some of its competitors. The drum kit seems like doesn’t sound as real as it could, and there is a lack of separation between the different strings. While for the price, it isn’t far off. The regular changes in rhythm want to sound paranoid, not confused, and lest the screams lose their purpose. For that, timing has to be shirt-tight.

Oppo HA-2
Read also Oppo HA-2 vs HA-2 SE if you want to see the firs review about it before you go on this page. Oppo HA-2 has the dimensions 136x68x12 mm, size makes the HA-2 very harmonious juxtaposed with the smartphone or other portable music player device. HA-2 is a Class AB Amplifier with USB function support DAC. Oppo HA-2 fitted micro USB connection that can be used for the digital input on Smartphones that have support for USB on the Go. There are also 2 level setting allows you to choose a suitable option and best to your headphones. Use the selections below to monitor in-ear or higher to encourage up to 300 mW into the headphones are helpless 16-ohm. Also unusual, HA-2 can be run as a spare battery and provides power to your mobile device. With battery power 3000 mAh rechargeable, can stand up to the use of 7-13 hours (depending on the volume and conditions of course). There is also a bass boost adds a little extra in the low-end. And thanks to a powerful Chipset (ES9018 Sabre-KM) and some cool technology, jitter or discordant sound can be reduced.

Apogee Groove Vs Oppo HA-2

Apogee GrooveOppo HA-2
BrandApogeeOPPO Digital
Key features- USB 2.0 connection to Mac and PC with up to 24 bit / 192kHz audio - Enhances your iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Pandora or other music listening experiences - Constant Current Drive provides smooth frequency response with any headphones- High-resolution USB DAC for Apple/Android/PC/Mac - ESS Sabre32 Reference ES9018-K2M DAC chip - Two gain settings for optimal headphone matching - Mobile power bank for charging your phone - Note: This is not the same product as the newer HA-2SE

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The Oppo HA-2SE would be a good choice if you’re willing to go up to $300, The chord mojo is good too but it is a more user friendly mobile device and better value for money. While Apogee Groove, you will feel difficult to pick fault with the Groover and justified in expecting a bit more. It is according to your choice, budget, and needs.

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