Audient iD14 Vs iD22

Audient’s USB audio interfaces are known for the excellent quality. In this article, we will take a look at the differences and comparison between Audient iD14 vs iD22. The company has mentioned that these two models use the same preamps, so quality-wise they are similar. However, they do have different features and sound characters.

What we will discuss below include:
– The design and build quality of each model
– The available connection options on each model
– The on-board features of Audient iD14 and Audient iD22
– The sound quality of Audient iD14 vs iD22
– The suitable users of each model
– Which Audient USB audio interface that is more recommended

Design and Construction
In terms of build quality, both of the two models are very good. Audient iD14 vs iD22 both have metallic construction. Their metallic cases can easily withstand the abuse of daily uses and travels. The metallic construction means that these devices can last for a long time. See also: Apogee One Vs Duet.

Audient iD14 is slightly smaller and lighter. This model measures 5.91 inches x 4.72 inches x 1.77 inches. The weight is about 3.26 lbs. The top panel is flat. It has two small knobs on the left and a large knob on the right. It looks rather simple. The DI input and headphones output are located on the front, so they are easy to access.

Audient iD22 is a bit bigger and heavier. It measures 8.86 inches x 7.09 inches x 2.36 inches, with a weight of about 4.5 lbs. The top panel is slightly skewed so that you can easily see the entire surface even though you are not directly above the unit. It indeed has more on-board controls. All of the connectors are on the rear.

Each of these two models comes with two mic preamps on the ASP8024 console with individual +48V phantom power switching. The mic preamps are designed by David Dearden. Each model also has Neutrik Combo Connectors on the inputs. Each model has one JFET DI instrument input, one ADAT input, and one Class AB headphones output.

Through the ADAT input, you can add up to 8 input channels using just a single cable connection. So, since the device already has two inputs, you can have up to 10 input channels. You can achieve this by simply plugging the Audient audio interface to the rack, which is connected to your mics.

Audient iD14 has a distinctive capability. It can be bus-powered. In other words, it does not need a dedicated power outlet to operate. You only need to connect it to your computer via the USB 2.0 port. So, this model is really great if you need a portable audio interface that you can bring along whenever and wherever you go.

Audient iD22 can’t be bus-powered, so it requires a dedicated power outlet in addition to the USB connection to your computer. Nevertheless, it is packed with more connection options. To begin with, it has 2 balanced insert points. You can use these insert points when you want to bypass the preamps, for example because you are using external amps.

It also has two additional line outputs. These outputs are handy for adding external hardware compressors or for connecting with more speakers. Furthermore, it has an ADAT output, so it can be more flexible when working with other devices.

On-board Controls
Audient iD14 is quite a simple device. There aren’t many on-board controls on the top panel. It only has two small metallic knobs on the left for controlling the gain levels of the two inputs. It also has one switch on each input for turning the phantom power on and off.

On the center, there are several light indicators that show the input levels. On the right, there is a large knob for controlling the volume; it can also be used for controlling your DAW. Although the device looks quite simple, Audient iD14 is already an effective and functional audio interface.

Audient iD22 also has two metallic knobs for the gain levels of the two inputs. However, in addition to the phantom power switches, it also has individual pad switches, hi-pass filter switches, and polarity switches. So, it can be more flexible and versatile in terms of input conditioning.

Furthermore, Audient iD22 has one additional cue mix and three programmable keys. The large knob may also be used to control your DAW. There are dim and cut switches on the monitoring section.

Sound Quality
Quality-wise, Audient iD14 vs iD22 are similar. But they do have different sound characters because their A/D converters are slightly different. The specs are also slightly different.

Audient iD14 has a more playful sound. It may have more bass and midrange. However, note that the dynamic range is slightly lower, which is 116 dB. The sound quality is really good nonetheless. It has excellent clarity and accuracy.

Meanwhile, Audient iD22 has a more refined sound. The overall sound is more balanced and somehow more professional. It has a higher dynamic range, which is 120 dB. It also has excellent clarity and accuracy.

Suitable Users
Audient iD14 is great for practically all kinds of users. It is definitely suitable for beginners because it is very easy and intuitive to use. However, it may also be used by professionals who need a bus-powered USB audio interface that can be easily brought along when traveling.

On the other hand, Audient iD22 is more recommended for experienced and advanced users. This is because the on-board controls and numerous connectors may seem confusing for a beginner. However, experienced and advanced users may find the additional features very useful, as these features make the unit more flexible and versatile for various applications.

Audient iD14 Vs iD22

Audient iD14Audient iD22
Key features- 10-in/4-out USB Audio Interface - 2 x Class-A Audient Console Mic Preamplifiers - High Performance Burr Brown AD/DA Converters - iD ScrollControl Mode- 10-in, 14-out Desktop Interface - 2-in, 6-out high performance - 2 superb class-A mic preamplifiers & 1 discrete JFET instrument input

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In general, Audient iD22 is more recommended. This model comes with more features and capabilities. It gives you the option to bypass the preamps. It can also connect to hardware compressors or additional speakers. It has on-board controls for input conditioning. Audient iD22 can be a lot more flexible and versatile to suit different needs and purposes.

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