Behringer UMC202HD Vs UMC204HD

Behringer UMC202HD and Behringer UMC204HD are interesting choices for an affordable USB audio interface. You can get either of them with a budget of less than a hundred dollars. However, Behringer UMC202HD is available at a slightly lower price than Behringer UMC204HD. So, what are the differences between Behringer UMC202HD vs UMC204HD? Which one is better for the money?

Below, you can find out more information about:
– The sound quality and performance of the two audio interfaces,
– The features available only on Behringer UMC204HD, and
– Which audio interface model that is more recommended.

Number of Channels
Obviously, the first and foremost difference between these two models is their available channels. Behringer UMC202HD has two input channels and two output channels. The configuration is very simple. The two inputs are easily accessible on the front panel, whereas the phantom power switch is on the rear along with the two phones outputs. See also: FocusriteClarett 8pre vs Scarlett 18i20.

On the other hand, Behringer UMC204HD has two input channels and four output channels. This model is suitable for slightly more complex needs, as it has four phones outputs with playback outputs for A/B monitoring. The phantom power switch is also on the rear panel.

According to Behringer, both UMC202HD and UMC204HD are equipped with MIDAS mic preamps. These preamps have excellent sound quality. They work very well, with relatively low noise. They also support +48V phantom power without any issue.

MIDI Support
The next big difference between these two models is regarding the MIDI support. Behringer UMC202HD does not have MIDI I/O. However, this model does support MIDI via the USB connection, so you can plug a USB MIDI device via your computer or workstation. This is not a straightforward approach, but it is still a good thing that you can work with MIDI devices when needed.

On the other hand, Behringer UMC204HD features dedicated MIDI I/O interfaces. So, with this model, you can connect a MIDI device directly to the audio interface. This is simpler and more convenient. This also allows for lower latency. If you often work with MIDI devices, you should just choose this model in order to get the best performance.

Other Features
If you compare the front panels of the two models, you may notice that Behringer UMC204HD comes with an additional section on the right. The left sections are similar; there are the input ports, controls for the first input, and controls for the second input. But Behringer UMC202HD only has a headphone port with a dedicated volume control and an output level control.

Behringer UMC204HD has some additional features. It has an input/playback mix control and a mono/stereo switch for direct monitoring. These features may be very useful for working with mono and stereo recordings.

Behringer UMC202HD Vs UMC204HD

Behringer UMC202HDBehringer UMC204HD
Key features- BEHRINGER UMC202HD Audiophile 2x2, 24-Bit/192 kHz USB Audio Interface with MIDAS Mic Preamplifiers- 2x4 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface for recording microphones and instruments

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Between Behringer UMC202HD vs UMC204HD, we recommend you to choose Behringer UMC204HD. The price difference is not very big, but you can get significantly more value from this model. It has more output channels with A/B monitoring and MIDI interfaces. It is also more practical for working with stereo recordings.

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