Denon DP 300F Vs Marantz TT42

Even though we are now living in the convenience of digital music, the venerable turntables and vinyl records have never gone away. Well, as a matter of fact, vinyl’s popularity continually grows in the recent years. Turntables are always loved because they work consistently and deliver great sounds. So, you are now apparently looking for the best affordable turntable available for your budget range. Denon DP 300F and Marantz TT42 are attractive choices. The two items are available around similar prices, and both share many similarities to each other. So, should you get Denon DP 300F or Marantz TT42? Find out the answer by reading the comparison below!

Denon DP 300F Vs Marantz TT42

Some people say that Denon DP 300F and Marantz TT42 are basically clones of each other. The two brands, Denon and Marantz, belong to the same company, so some cross-platform products can indeed be expected. Both Denon DP 300F and Marantz TT42 are fully automatic. Each is equipped with the DC servo motor and belt drive system that can provide a rotation speed of 33 1/3 or 45 RPM. Denon DP 300F has a black body and black feet, featuring a heavy base construction to decrease vibration for the best performance. The turntable sheet is barely 5 mm thick. It uses the hologram vibration analysis to improve the ability in holding a record. On the other hand, Marantz TT42 comes with a black body and golden feet. Marantz TT42 is also very thin.

Even though they look similar, Denon DP 300F and Marantz TT42 come with different cartridges. Denon DP 300F is equipped with a Moving Magnet (MM) cartridge. However, the cartridge is removable and replaceable. So, you can upgrade the turntable with a better cartridge. On the other hand, Marantz TT42 also has an MM cartridge, but the cartridge cannot be removed or changed, effectively preventing you from upgrading.

Other Features
Denon DP 300F comes with a built-in phono preamp. This integrated phono preamp is useful if you want to connect the turntable to a stereo system that lacks a dedicated turntable input. The original Marantz TT42 does not have any phono preamp, though the newer releases do have. Unfortunately, neither comes with a USB output.

Denon DP 300F Vs Marantz TT42

Denon DP 300FMarantz TT42
Key features- Designed with a heavier base construction to decrease vibration for superior performance- Fully Automatic - DC Servo Belt Drive - Moving magnet cartridge - Transparent dust cover

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Between these two budget turntables, we recommend you to choose Denon DP 300F. It has a better cartridge system that allows you to replace with a better one. It also has a built-in phono preamp.

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