Fiio Q1 Vs K1

We often get questions from friends about amplifiers. They asked whether the point of Amplifier, or need not, anyway use amplifiers. The average even they also do not know if there is a portable Amplifier. Because the amplifier itself is quite extensive understanding and usage, here I write about portable amplifier for earphones or headphones only. As the name implies, the amplifier serves to help lift the voice or the specific frequencies of yesteryear felt less heard, become more audible. Therefore, the amplifier is often required to lift the headphones or earphones that require greater power. Assorted brand also released this product just like any other electronic items, one of them is Fiio. Fiio has several flagship product and one of them is Fiio Fiio K1 and Q1, similar to but whether they are the same in terms of function and sound produced? Refer to the following article.

Fiio Q1 Vs K1

Fiio Q1
Fiio Q1 vs Fiio E18 was the oldest post and this is the newest post with the newest competitor too. FiiO Q1 as one DAC/Amp FiiO is more multi device. In addition to PC/Mac, FiiO Q1 can also be used in some smartphones like iPhone and Android support using USB OTG connection or Lightning to Micro USB. The front there is a volume control (0-8), bass switch (ON-OFF), and headphone out. Blue LED light will light up when plugged into USB E10, as well as the volume on the knob pointer. The back there is a mini USB input aperture, coaxial out, and line out. For the uninitiated, this is the output coaxial digital output, to connected to the other player or DAC propertied coaxial input. This E10 will act as USB to coaxial converter only. While the line out serves to do bypass internal amplifier E10 E10, jd here serve only as DAC. The bottom there is a switch gain, high or low. E10 does not require special drivers because it will install automatically by selecting the output to SPDIF interface Fiio E10 and also suggested using WASAPI output/ASIO/playtech drivers, because they are bit perfect output so that more clean than the standard windows DirectSound.

Fiio K1
DAC teeny entry level from FiiO. With the size of an adult thumb, FiiO K1 was able to provide improved voice control is a better bass, and vocals more life for users of laptop or desktop computer. As DAC entry-level, affordable price could be one option. It has self-muting function that can greatly reduce power on/off transients, give a hassle-free music experience. There is also an outstanding Sound No charging required Plug and play Thumb-sized portability all metal in chassis is sandblasted for optimal sheen, texture, durability of appearance and hand grip. The K1 ships with a removable clip and a USB connection cable. FiiO K1 is a new solution for you who are looking for ultra portable DAC/amp combo. With the source power from USB, only the power produced is quite good. With its small size, so not too consuming space. Design a modern and robust casing is also becoming more value for DAC/amp.

Fiio Q1 Vs K1

Fiio Q1Fiio K1
Key features- For Computers & Mobile Devices - Separate DAC & Amp Functions - Supports Resolutions up to 96kHz/24-Bit - Built-In Rechargeable Battery - Works as Pass Thru While Charging- Audio Input: Micro USB - Headphone output: Standard 3.5mm Port - Headphone output: Standard 3.5mm Port - Drive ability: 16 to 100Ohms (recommended) - Sample rate (USB decoding): Max 96kHz / 24bit supported

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The Fiio Q1 is a mobile amp while the Fiio K1 is a dongle DAC and amp. If you will spend significant time with a phone on the go, Fiio Q1 is yours. If you will spend significant time with a laptop on the go, then get the Fiio K1 as your choice. Another thing that become the differences are knowing that the Q1 is a portable, battery powered amp/dac and the E10k is USB powered, so it’s meant to be used at your desk. Pick one of those.

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