Focal Alpha 65 Vs Adam A7X

Focal Alpha 65 vs Adam A7X are two powered studio monitors suitable for various purposes. Focal Alpha 65 claims to have low directivity and superior tonal balance. On the other hand, Adam A7X is one of the best-selling nearfield monitors on the market known for the accurate sound quality. Which one should you choose?

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Focal Alpha 65 comes with a black vinyl finish. Compared to its competitor here, Focal Alpha 65 is slightly bigger and heavier. It measures 13.7 inches x 9.9 inches x 12.2 inches, and it has a weight of about 20.7 lbs. On the front, it features a 1-inch aluminum inverted dome tweeter and a 6.5-inch polyglass cone woofer. It features two front vents just under the woofer. The connectors and controls are all placed on the rear panel.

On the other hand, Adam A7X has a more elegant look. It has a black finish with a 2-inch X-ART tweeter and a 7-inch cone woofer. The woofer is made of a composite material with glass, rohacell, and glass fiber to give the best sound reproduction and durability. There are also two front vents under the woofer. The volume control and power switch are put on the front, so they are easier to access. See also: Adam A7X vs A8X.

Both Focal Alpha 65 and Adam A7X support XLR and RCA connections. However, Focal Alpha 65is slightly more flexible. Focal’s official website says that this speaker can connect to two audio sources at the same time. On the other hand, Adam A7X supports those two inputs, but can only work with one audio source at a time.

Focal Alpha 65 has been designed for low directivity and tonal balance. It delivers the same sound to all directions with neutral reproduction. It maintains an identical tonal balance at all volume levels without distortion.

On the other hand, Adam A7X is designed to be a powerful and reliable nearfield monitor. It offers simple stepless room acoustic managements and powerful compression-free sound reproduction at all volume levels, even the higher ones. It has a high resolution of stereo image.

Power and Sound Quality
Focal Alpha 65 offers a total power of 105 Watts. It has 70 Watts on the low-frequency channel and 35 Watts on the high-frequency channel. It has a frequency response range of 40 Hz – 22 kHz. The overall sound quality is pretty good; it has good sharpness and detail. However, it is not as accurate and defined as Adam A7X.

On the other hand, Adam A7X comes with more power and better accuracy. It has 150 Watts total power, with 100 Watts on the LF channel and 50 Watts on the HF channel. The frequency response range is 42 Hz – 50 kHz, and it has good sound pressure handling.As the effect, it can deliver more accurate and defined sound, and it remains capable at high volume levels.

Focal Alpha 65 Vs Adam A7X

Focal Alpha 65Adam A7X
BrandFocalAdam Audio
Key features- The Focal Alpha 65 is a versatile studio monitor with quality components and design - It serves beautifully in a variety of capacities, performing just as well with instrumental music as with electronic music- General Size: Near-fieldSystem type: ActiveConfiguration: 2-wayDriversLow-frequency driver: 7"Mid-frequency driver: Not applicableHigh-frequency driver: 2"Full-range driver: Not applicableDriver type: Carbon FiberSound

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So, between Focal Alpha 65 vs Adam A7X, we recommend you to choose Adam A7X. This is a better speaker with a better design, build quality, and sound quality. It sounds more accurate while offering plenty of power.

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