JBL LSR305 Vs KRK Rokit 5

So, you are now confused between these two monitor speakers. Both JBL LSR305 vs KRK Rokit 5 are studio monitor speakers available in a similar price range. According to their respective users, both JBL LSR305 and KRK Rokit 5 have excellent sound quality. They are clean and clear, allowing you to monitor carefully your music and notice any mistake if present. So, which is the model that you should choose? Find out below!

Design and Dimensions
Both JBL LSR305 and KRK Rokit 5 feature 5” woofers and 1” tweeters. JBL LSR305 is magnetically shielded, so you can place it without worrying too much about magnetic interference from other devices in the room. It has a long-throw LF transducer and a soft-dome damped woven composite neodymium tweeter. Compared to KRK Rokit 5, this model is a little bit larger at 11.75 inches x 7.28 inches x 9.88 inches. (See also : JBL LSR305 Vs LSR308)

On the other hand, KRK Rokit 5 is not magnetically shielded, so the placement should be done carefully to avoid interference from other devices such as a CRT display monitor. It features an aramid glass composite woofer and a soft dome tweeter. It is slightly more compact at 11.10 inches x 7.28 inches x 9.06 inches.

JBL LSR305 only has two input options, which are XLR and balanced TRS. The limited connection options may be a little inconvenient, but you can easily overcome the limitation if you already have a decent audio interface and the right audio cables.

KRK Rokit 5 is a little bit more versatile in terms of connectivity. It has three input options, which are XLR, balanced 1/4” TRS, and unbalanced RCA. The RCA connection can be handy when needed.

JBL LSR305 is more powerful than KRK Rokit 5. This is a factor to consider if your room isn’t a small one. JBL LSR305 has 41 Watts output power on the LF channel and 41 Watts output power on the HF channel. It can deliver more powerful sounds and showcase details and mistakes more easily.

On the other hand, KRK Rokit 5 has 30 Watts on the LF channel and 20 Watts on the HF channel. The total output power is lower. This model is not very good for a large room.

Sound Quality
So, how is the sound quality of JBL LSR305 vs KRK Rokit 5? For monitoring purposes, you probably will benefit more from JBL LSR305. In addition to the more powerful output, it has a frequency response range of 43 Hz – 24 kHz and a way flatter sound, which is exactly what you want from monitor speakers. It will really help you with your mixes with its ability to showcase faults and mistakes.

On the other hand, KRK Rokit 5 has a frequency response range of 45 Hz – 35 kHz. It is a good speaker, but the performance just can’t beat JBL LSR305.

JBL LSR305 Vs KRK Rokit 5

JBL LSR305KRK Rokit 5
BrandJBL ProfessionalKRK
Key features- This Bundle contains 2 items: Pair of JBL LSR305 Studio Monitors - Increased HF Detail - You'll experience greater depth and ambience in recordings. Subtle details can be heard - Even in a dense mix.^Room-Friendly- This Bundle contains 2 items: Pair of KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor - Bi-amped, class A/B amplifier offering large headroom and low distortion - Proprietary waveguide optimized for superior imaging

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In the end, we recommend you to choose JBL LSR305. It has higher output power as well as more accurate and detailed sound quality. It will help a lot in showing faults and mistakes in your mixes.

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