Sometimes, people question whether they should purchase JBL LSR305 or KRK RP5G3. Their price difference is not too big, but we all certainly want to get the best and the fullest out of our money, right? There is no point in buying the most expensive item if we are not going to use the extra features – or, if there are no extra features at all. Hence, we are going to discuss their differences so that the people currently uncertain can make up their mind already.


The primary thing that probably sets these two products on the different sides of the river is probably their audio amplifier type. The class of audio amplifiers are not exactly showing how great it is; instead, the class is simply a code hinting their typology. In this regard, JBL LSR305 uses Class D power amplifier while KRK RP5G3 uses Class A/B power amplifier. Maybe you haven’t known yet; Class D stands for digital amplifier that is capable of providing more than 90% power efficiency and lightweight design. On the down side, Class D sometimes compromises the high-frequency audio reproduction. Meanwhile, Class A/B only has 50%-70% power efficiency, but relatively inexpensive.

KRK RP5G3 has a wider frequency response range than JBL LSR305, especially in the high-frequency area. So, it is better for working with vocals and trebles. However, JBL LSR305 still has a slightly lower edge and handles bass better. Also, JBL LSR305 has a bigger power amplification than KRK RP5G3 and is designed to have increased high-frequency details as well as to be room-friendly in any room acoustic. So, performance-wise, JBL LSR305 is not precisely inferior, and, in fact, comes with some beneficial features.


Key features- Increased HF Detail - Room-Friendly, Broad Sweet Spot -3-Series speakers deliver neutral sound across an unusually large working space regardless of room acoustics. - 3 Series efficient Class D Amplifiers provide abundant power to deliver the output and dynamic headroom needed for the most demanding production styles - The impressive performance of the 3 Series Reference Monitors is the result of JBL's development of its flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor.- 1-inch soft-dome tweeter provides clarity and extended response up to 35kHz - 5-inch glass-aramid composite woofer delivers clear midrange and tight bass - Proprietary waveguide technology optimized for superior stereo imaging - XLR, 1/4-inch and RCA inputs for universal connectivity in any studio environment - 50-watts total bi-amped, class A/B amplifier offering maximum headroom with minimal distortion

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In general, JBL LSR305 holds the most value for your money. It is cheaper, yet it offers similar performance level to KRK.

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