JBL LSR308 Vs Mackie MR8MK3

If you are currently looking for a pair of eight-inch monitor speakers, you may be interested in both JBL LSR308 vs Mackie MR8MK3. These two speakers are available in a similar price range, with JBL LSR308 being just a little more expensive than Mackie MR8MK3. So, which one is better?

In this article, you can learn more about:
– The design and dimensions of JBL LSR308 and Mackie MR8MK3
– The distinctive features of JBL LSR308 vs Mackie MR8MK3
– The sound quality comparison of the JBL and Mackie
– Which speaker that is better for the money

The first thing that we can compare between the two speakers is their dimensions. JBL LSR308 is indeed taller, but it does not need as much surface area as Mackie MR8MK3. It is also slightly lighter. It measures 10 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 16-1/2 inches tall, with a weight of 22 lbs. See also: JBL LSR308 vs Yamaha HS8.

On the other hand, Mackie MR8MK3 may seem much bulkier. It indeed requires more surface area. It measures 10-15/16 inches wide, 13-1/4 inches deep, and 15-13/16 inches tall. The weight is about 23.8 lbs.

Both speakers have rear bass ports. So, whichever speaker that you choose, keep in mind that you need to place the speaker a few meters from the wall behind. Interestingly, both speakers also have their controls placed on their rear panels. Reaching their controls may be a little difficult, but this is not a real big issue.

JBL LSR308 and Mackie MR8MK3 share many similar features. Each of them is equipped with a low-frequency filter as well as a high-frequency filter. So, you can easily adjust the frequency response range to suit your needs. Each of them also has an input gain control, but JBL LSR308 also has an on-board volume control. This is handy for making quick adjustments.

Note that JBL LSR308 only supports balanced XLR and TRS inputs. It does not have any RCA port – you can read the detailed specs from JBL here. On the other hand, Mackie MR8MK3 has more flexible input options with RCA, XLR, and TRS input options. So, if you really need the RCA connection, Mackie MR8MK3 may be a more suitable choice. But, before making your decision, you need to read more about the sound quality.

Sound Quality
In terms of sound quality, JBL LSR308 is easily the winner. To begin with, JBL LSR308 has a wider frequency response range and a higher RMS power rating. The frequency response range goes from 37 Hz – 24 kHz, whereas the RMS power rating is 112 Watts. This speaker can reach both lower and higher frequencies.

On the other hand, Mackie MR8MK3 only has a frequency response range of 38 Hz – 20 kHz. The RMS power rating is 85 Watts.

The sound of JBL LSR308 is flatter, more accurate, and a lot more revealing. This is an excellent choice for monitoring. It can easily show the flaws and mistakes in a mix. On the other hand, Mackie MR8MK3 can’t compare for the accuracy and cleanliness.

JBL LSR308 Vs Mackie MR8MK3

JBL LSR308Mackie MR8MK3
BrandJBL ProfessionalMackie
Key features- Increased HF Detail: You'll experience greater depth and ambience in recordings. Subtle details can be heard, even in a dense mix - Room-Friendly: This means you don't have to be right in front of the speakers to make accurate adjustments to your mix- Music-centric voicing perfect for modern mixing, monitoring and multimedia applications - Enhanced waveguide system delivers unmatched clarity and openness - Perfectly matched amps and drivers for optimized performance

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Between the two speakers, we highly recommend you to choose JBL LSR308. This speaker has better sound quality. It is very accurate and revealing – two qualities that you need for a reliable monitor speaker.

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