Lexicon MX200 Vs TC Electronic M350

Whether you are trying to get a nice, instant, complex, and smooth sound, all you need is either Lexicon MX200 or TC Electronic M350. Lexicon is a great reverb and stereo processor with a futuristic model and brings harmony into the shape of the sound. TC Electronic M350 delivers even better power; it fits perfectly for stage and studio use. You need to find out if those two products give everything exactly like what you want. But everything always starts from the price. Lexicon MX200 is more expensive compared to TC Electronic M350. Even so, you also need to consider the other factors, such as quality and performance. So let’s dig in and see the comparison below!

Lexicon MX200 Vs TC Electronic M350

Lexicon provides such a great and smooth sound with raw processing power that is identical to the live show, or on-stage performance. It produces complexity in the sound so you can use your creativity to make a better sound which fits your style perfectly. Likewise, TC Electronic M350 is really powerful too. TC Electronics has the ability to choose the effect like exactly where you want it to be. TC Electronic M350 fits perfectly for use at cathedral, hall, and room with lots of people. Classic and varying sounds become the main point emphasized by TC Electronic M350.

Reverb and stereo processor is always judged by its capabilities to process a great and unique sound as we want. Lexicon brings us the MX200 Dual reverb/effects processor. This processor features deep, rich, smooth along with complex sound output. Lexicon MX200 can use up to 32 reverb types and effects, including delays and modulation effects. Another interesting feature that Lexicon brings is the USB plug-in feature. This feature allows us to get the better control of recordings; the USB plug-in system is well equipped with graphical interface and recording application when used on the computer. This feature makes the job easier as the editor can edit, use, and load the program in their Macbook, PC, or laptop. On the other side, TC Electronic M350 offers 15 brand-new quality reverbs with 15 multi-effects like delay, modulation, and compression. Delay and compression effects become the main consideration in TC Electronic M350. Another helping feature is the massive 256 factory presets covering a really wide range of audio sources.

User Interface
Like in the other devices, user interface becomes a critical point, because customers demand heavily with better and easier interface. The user interface in M350 is quite straight-forward. It is completed with the usual input level, blend knobs, along with balance knob. The same thing goes with Lexicon MX200. The user interface is also simple and easy to use.

Lexicon MX200 Vs TC Electronic M350

Lexicon MX200TC Electronic M350
BrandLexiconTC Electronic
Key features- 16 legendary Lexicon reverbs - Delays and modulation effects - dbx dynamics- Choice Selection of Effects: classic TC hall, cathedral, ambience, room as well as plates and springs

Customer ratings*4.4 out of 5.0 stars4.2 out of 5.0 stars
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Compared to each other, Lexicon MX200 is way easier to use and offers better features than M350. Although both have great on-stage output performance, but the number of reverbs and effects that can be used also proves that Lexicon MX200 is better than TC Electronic M350.

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