M-Audio AV42 Vs Mackie CR4

M-Audio AV42 and Mackie CR4 are two pairs of monitor speakers that are standing in the same price range. They are quite considerably affordable and budget-friendly, making them popular choices for studio usage as well as home speakers. Since both products have huge numbers of positive reviews from the users, choosing one out of the two can be quite confusing. However, you should not worry! Now let us take a look at the comparisons between the two models before determining which one to get.


If we try to put M-Audio AV42 and Mackie CR4 next to each other, we can then tell that M-Audio AV42 is quite considerably smaller than Mackie CR4. Furthermore, with a mass of barely 7.6 lbs, M-Audio AV42 is also much lighter than Mackie CR4’s 12 lbs. Hence, if you have limited space available or you sometimes need to bring the speakers along as you travel, M-Audio AV42 can be much more convenient to use.

Each product consists of a pair of speakers that act as Left and Right stereo output channels. However, Mackie CR4 comes with this unique feature of speaker placement switch. With Mackie CR4, you never have to worry about misplacing the Left and Right speakers as you can simply adjust the switch accordingly. (Have a look: Mackie CR3 Vs CR4)

Performance and Output Quality
With a larger body, comes a bigger power. Well, that is not always true, but that is true for this specific case. If you want something that can fill the air of the room, Mackie CR4 should be your choice. It has a 50-Watt power amplification that can easily deliver thundering soundwaves as you get immersed in your music, film, or game. M-Audio AV42’s power is only 20 Watts per channel. Indeed, M-Audio AV42 has a slightly more extensive frequency response range than Mackie CR4, but the difference is marginal and hardly noticeable. Both deliver decently accurate tonal reproduction that is crucial in studio monitoring.

Additional Features
M-Audio AV42 only comes with L/R RCA line inputs and 1/8” aux input. On the other hand, Mackie CR4 provides L/R RCA inputs as well as L/R TRS inputs on the rear, an aux input on the front. In addition, Mackie CR4 features built-in Bluetooth for easy, seamless wireless streaming from your personal computer or mobile device!

M-Audio AV42 Vs Mackie CR4

M-Audio AV42Mackie CR4
Key features- Entry-level, compact desktop monitors to form basis of small home studio - Flexible, uncovered speaker cones for improved sound quality - 4-inch woofer, 20-watt per channel amplifier with Class A/B architecture - RCA inputs for connecting gaming systems, DJ gear, mixers and more - Compatible with all your gear, including your tablet, computer, or mobile device- Studio-quality design, sound and performance ideal for multimedia creation and entertainment - Ultra-wide frequency range perfect for full-range multimedia (80Hz - 20kHz) - Choose which side of your desk gets the volume knob with CR4's convenient speaker placement switch - Convenient front panel volume knob with lit power ring gives you on/off/volume control and power indication where you need it

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Even though M-Audio AV42 is a unique pair of speakers due to the compactness and portability, Mackie CR4 is still a better product in the end. It is more powerful, and it comes with built-in Bluetooth!

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