Mackie SRM450 Vs JBL EON612

Speakers is one of the important tools in our lives. Because, this tool is very useful and helped on certain activities such as events and major events simple. The speaker is very necessary because it functions as a connector between the sound to many ears that heard around the place without the need to shout in order to make our voice heard. We don’t know if the two brands of which came from Mackie SRM450 and JBL Eon612 has been the subject of a comparison or not yet, but we will discuss information of each product. If you want to buy a pair of speakers with strong power and still confused to choose which are the most excellent speaker between them, whether Mackie SRM450 or JBL Eon612? While some people suggest Mackie SRM450 then some also suggested that JBL Eon612. To answer your doubt, here we present a review of the battle two speakers :

Mackie SRM450 Vs JBL EON612

Mackie SRM450
Mackie SRM450 is original coming from Asia region, located in Dubai, United Emirate Arab. Two important features distinguish Mackie SRM450 from its competitors. First, the electronics: a bi-amplified and active system. This is a similar design to previous versions of the 450. There is an active (many systems are passive) 24dB/octave electronic crossover that precisely divides high and low sounds for clean reproduction and efficient operation. In addition to the electronics, a well designed polypropylene enclosure enhances both the accuracy of the highs produced by the titanium compression driver and helps to produce clear, deep bass sounds. The cabinet design also delivers a wide (90° horizontal and 45° vertical) dispersion. The back panel of each 450 has two combination (Wide-Z) inputs for both XLR and ¼” inputs, as well as stereo RCA inputs. They can get plenty loud in 500 watts or 1000 peaks of power supply. (See also : QSC K12 Vs Mackie SRM450)

JBL EON612 native to California, United States. JBL EON612 is a true step forward in technology that was developed specifically to deliver the best possible sound regardless of the application. Completely rethink how truly good affordable self-contained, portable PA systems can be, JBL’s engineers deliberately designed and built EON612 from bottom to top showing advanced waveguide technology on JBL, JBL designed and manufactured the transducer, and convenient, wireless remote control from onboard EQ DSP parameters via Bluetooth. This is a total redesign of the EON platform utilizing the latest technology in Materials Science, acoustic cabinets, transducers and user friendly design that delivers exceptional quality high-end studio monitors in the professional system, very flexible, easy to use, portable voice for providers and musicians working today.

Mackie SRM450 Vs JBL EON612

Mackie SRM450JBL EON612
Key features- 1000W system power paired with custom transducers deliver gig-level volumes with room to spare- Purposeful Product Design - JBL Waveguide Technology - Bluetooth integration

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The major differences between SRM450 and EON612 is the country they are coming from and the service will be treated differently because, as you know, each country has their own rules for making the service. And once more about some reviews we heard that people would prefer the sound of the JBL’s. The Mackie’s seem to get a little louder although it seems smoother.

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