Oppo PM-3 Vs Audeze EL8

What is the best headphone for you? Are Oppo PM-3 and Audeze EL8 including on your top favorite headphone? If yes, then you must read this review, because all you will see is the comparison between features, performances, and even specifications on Oppo PM-3 and Audeze EL8. We know that you are curious enough, and begin it as soon as possible.

oppo pm-3 vs audeze el8

Oppo PM-3
The styling of the Oppo PM-3 is masculine, conservative, and sumptuous headphone. The combination of metals, high-quality protein leather, and plastics is appropriate for a headphone with an affordable price. The PM-3 is currently available in monochrome (black and white) colors. It is a very light, but it remains us a slightly heavy headphone and ears too. While the headband is fully wrapped with protein leather and covered by foam all the way around, also with thicker foam on the inside of the band. The overall sound quality of the PM-3 is pretty great so far. The bass hits hard; mid-range is very well behaved with low distortion, treble seemed slightly forward in the presence region, and slightly laid back in the top octave too. This is also a kind of bunch of nit-picking though, for the most part the PM-3 frequency response just sounds straight down the middle of trying. Oppo PM-3 vs B&W P7 has a longer explanation that you can read it completely.

Audeze EL8
The Audeze EL-8 is a headphone that made by the American company that is quickly building a reputation for making gorgeous and high-end headphones. It is existed in form of open-back and closed-back models. The Audeze also uses the same planar magnetic technology as the LCD-X. You can expect the same luxurious materials, a slightly more portable design and sound quality to make audiophiles purr. You will be featured by a pretty constructed pair of headphones, it is bold, but a bit too big to walk around with you. It has the huge ear cups to stand out and a long haul flight which is more fitting scenario than a train journey to work. By plugging it into your phone or tablet, it is a great disservice for you. It is also designed for being plugged into a high-end setup or getting hold of a headphone amp to get the very best headphone. The most important is about the driver design, which can explain the size of the EL-8. Audeze uses planar magnetic drivers even a larger flatter drivers, and magnetic fields in a bid to deliver wider frequency response and also low distortion and overall better sound quality. Overall, the sound is fantastic and an absolute joy to listen to music with. If you want that natural sound with a grand sound-stage, you can get it.

Oppo PM-3 Vs Audeze EL8

Oppo PM-3Audeze EL8
BrandOPPO DigitalLexicon
Key features- Bonus: 1.2 meter portable cable for iPhone with mic & controls included. Contact us prior to fulfillment if you want - Android or No Mic/Control instead. - Excellent sound quality from planar magnetic drivers - Closed-back design for privacy and noise isolation- Type Ear coupling: Over-ear Primary application: General listening Secondary application: Portable music Operating principle: Closed Audio Frequency response: 10Hz - 50kHz SPL: 130 dB Driver size: 100mm THD: < .1 % Noise cancelling: No Other Weight: 1.0 lb. Cable type: Straight Cable Length: 6.5' Connector: 3.5mm with 1/4"" adaptor Built-in mic: No"

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The overall conclusion with these portable planar magnetic headphones is variety. They seem like a result of great feats of design, engineering, and technological miniaturization. The Oppo PM-3 are maybe one of your ideal headphones that can be seen in the construction, but their sound is absolutely tame and spiritless to you. The Audezes offers dynamism and excitement device for you, but it is lack the fit and comfort to make them a go-to pair. The flaws from each Oppo PM-3 and Audeze EL8 are too significant to give either set of planars a clear recommendation. The technology is really amazing, but its execution in a portable form factor still needs refinement.

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