Oppo PM-3 Vs B&W P7

Before you buy headphones Bluetooth, it will be good you understand the function of the headphones itself. There is a headphone type of Warm, where the bass more noticeably, ideal for metal. Later, Bright that produce better treble. Lastly, there are Natural which bass and treble were well balanced. In addition, certain brands understand that roughly has the appropriate features and specifications so as not to disappoint you as users Although you must also specify the headphones that fit well with the existing budget. Between Oppo PM-3 and B&W P7 are two brands that compete in the world of headphones. Due to that, let’s look at the comparison and differences on the Oppo PM-3 and B&W P7.

Oppo PM-3 Vs B&W P7

Oppo PM-3
The Oppo PM3 in design is very mature and solid in the hand. The ear cups is made by aluminium and plastic blend for weight saving. It has a small bump on the left frame with the single entry cable too. The PM3 sound’s result is more intimate, partly due to the more prominent midrange and partly a result of the slightly recessed treble response. The PM3’s do resolve a little more bass quantity all round and further accentuates the perceived level of bass. While the mids much more midrange detail and more presence because it has a slight lower mid boost which gives the sound nice body. It is a bright sounding headphone that are very slightly brittle at the top end, but still very good, the detail is almost equal body but much more air. The PM3 immediately impresses with more midrange detail and presence and a tighter bass response. (Have a look : Shure SRH1540 Vs Oppo PM-3)

B&W P7
B&W P7’s design is featured with lambskin leather for the ear cups and headband and also very solid feeling twisted stainless steel links. The ear pads are thin, but they are comfortable enough with soft and plentiful cushioning. For the sound, The P7 successfully impress us with its mild V-shaped signature combining powerful bass and bundles of clarity and also a very expansive soundstage for a closed back headphone which, in culmination with great bass extension, is ideal for classical. If in detail, the bass is more linear in doing response with a small sub-bass boost, also the bass is well extended with great texture and PRAT. While the mids is coming with a small dip in the lower mids saps a little body from the P7’s in favour of midrange clarity, producing a clear if slightly recessed midrange. And last, the highs can resolve a lot of detail and are not sparkly or shimmery, but they do avoiding sound thin.

Oppo PM-3 Vs B&W P7

Oppo PM-3B&W P7
BrandOPPO DigitalBowers & Wilkins
Key features- Excellent sound quality from planar magnetic drivers - Closed-back design for privacy and noise isolation - High sensitivity, light weight and comfortable fit - Elegant styling and exquisite workmanship- The P7 Wireless driver diaphragm borrows key technologies from B&W advanced speaker design, resulting in more precise, controlled movement and a leap forward in headphone sound quality.

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Both headphones are a good choice, but The P7 seems like more slightly in terms of sound and comfort reason. But, if you still want to choose the PM3, it is not a wrong choice since we also know that it has great sound quality too, but unfortunately it lacks the last bit of engagement. Well, the choice is all up to you.

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