PreSonus HD7 Vs AKG K240

Are you looking for a pair of professional monitoring headphones? If so, then PreSonus HD7 and AKG K240 are most probably in your consideration right now. Each available much under a hundred bucks, both products are relatively affordable and budget-friendly. Yet, they offer exceptional performance levels. Now, comparing these two models, PreSonus HD7 and AKG K240 share some similar specifications and features. So, which is the one that you should choose? Let us see below!


In terms of design, PreSonus HD7 and AKG K240 are quite identical. Both are designed with semi-open headphones. A semi-open headphone aims to incorporate the advantages of both open and closed designs. A semi-open headphone has only small openings on the back of the earcup, sometimes covered with a thin layer as well. As the effect, the amount of noise from the environment can be minimalized, while the audio output can be delivered with a true surround effect. In addition, both models are also over-the-ear, which means that the earcups are large enough to completely envelop your ears for optimum isolation. Their thick and foamy earcups are made of similar material, and they do a good job in blocking the environmental noise from getting into your hearing. Both PreSonus HD7 and AKG K240 make use of detachable single-sided cables. AKG K240’s cable is slightly longer, 3.0m, while PreSonus HD7’s cable is 2.5m.

Now, if we compare their performance and output quality, there are some notable distinctions here. Quite interestingly, PreSonus HD7 comes with a wider frequency response range and a lower impedance than AKG K240. AKG K240 only has a frequency response range of 15 Hz – 25 kHz, and comes with 55-ohm impedance. On the other hand, PreSonus HD7 offers a frequency response range of 10 Hz – 30 kHz. The impedance is 32 ohms. The lower impedance allows PreSonus HD7 to deliver louder volume levels. In addition, the extensive frequency response range also allows PreSonus HD7 to reach lower and higher frequencies than AKG K240, effectively enhancing the bass and treble. The bass feels deeper and more solid, whereas the treble is crisper and airier.

PreSonus HD7 Vs AKG K240

PreSonus HD7AKG K240
Key features- High resolution neodymium drivers - Patented, precision tuned acoustic chamber - Extended bass response- Professional studio headphones - Semi-open - 3 m replaceable cable

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Even though PreSonus HD7 and AKG K240 look quite similar to each other to a degree, you may want to stick with PreSonus HD7. The quality of the audio reproduction is better. PreSonus HD7 stages lows, mids, and high more properly, delivering enhanced accuracy, precision, and vividness.

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