PreSonus HD7 Vs Superlux 681

We all know that expensive products are not always the best, and cheap models are not always cheap in quality. PreSonus HD7 and Superlux 681 are easily good examples of the idea. Available much below a hundred dollars each, PreSonus HD7 and Superlux 681 offer astonishing audio performance. With such output quality, they can be easily priced at three hundred bucks; but, hey, no one is complaining about the current prices! However, choosing between these two products is a question on its own. PreSonus HD7 and Superlux 681 appear to be very identical to each other. So, which is the one that you should choose?


One thing to note, though. Even though both are considered as the kings of the low-end headphones, PreSonus HD7 is a little bit more expensive than Superlux 681. The gap is just a few tens of bucks, but such amount can be quite significant in this price range. If you try to put these two models next to each other, you can then see how similar they are to each other. Understandably, PreSonus HD7 and Superlux 681 doesn’t appear glamorous. They are rather simple and straightforward. They each comes with comfortable and durable ear pads and an auto-fit headband. Superlux 681 comes with red marks on the black body, while PreSonus HD7’s are blue and is with a holey headband and the PreSonus logo. Both are over-the-ear, meaning that their ear cups are pretty large to completely cover and envelop your ears. This way, you can have an isolated hearing, allowing you to focus on your music, while rejecting environment noise.

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Both PreSonus HD7 and Superlux 681 are semi-open headphones. The design aims to incorporate the advantages of both open and closed designs. Semi-open headphones have smaller holes or openings than open-back headphones on the rear of the earcups. As the effect, sounds can be reproduced with such vividness and immersion. Both PreSonus HD7 and Superlux 681 have 10 Hz – 30 kHz frequency response range. These models deliver exceptional bass, midrange, and treble. The bass is nothing extreme or very strong; instead, it is solid, full, and accurate, without muddling the mids and highs. Vocals and instruments are very crisp and clear.

PreSonus HD7 Vs Superlux 681

PreSonus HD7Superlux 681
Key features- High resolution neodymium drivers - Patented, precision tuned acoustic chamber - Extended bass response- Freq Range 10Hz-30KHz - Max Power 300mW - Impedence 32 ohm x 2

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You can say that PreSonus HD7 is basically a rebranded Superlux 681. If you are a fan of PreSonus, you can go with PreSonus HD7. However, for the best value out of the money, Superlux 681 is the way to go!

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