Roland R-05 Vs Zoom H4N

Both Roland R-05 and Zoom H4N are digital recorders available at very similar prices, each available just under two hundred bucks. Each product is also supported by a huge number of positive reviews. You, in effect, must be in a particular discomfort right now being unable to choose between these two products. However, you have come to the right place here! In the following article, you can read about both products, along with a recommendation about which one that you should choose. Therefore, continue reading! (Read also: Roland R-05 Vs Sony PCM-M10)

Roland R-05 Vs Zoom H4N

Roland R-05
Roland R-05 is high-quality digital recorder boasting an attractive yet very strong and durable metallic exterior. It can certainly endure some casual abuse occurring in daily usage. It records in a 24-bit/96kHz quality, which is certainly more than enough for most casual and professional purposes. It has two recording tracks (a pair of stereo), both are able to perform simultaneous recording and playback. For input, there is a built-in stereo mic for your convenience, but it also features a mic input and a line input as well. These inputs can’t be used simultaneously, though, with the device prioritizing line input over mic input over built-in mic. There is a phone audio output for direct monitoring. For transferring files, Roland R-05 has a Mini-B USB interface. Roland R-05 boasts enriched features, such as auto record start, auto song split, auto level adjust, built-in reverb, changing tempo without changing pitch, loop playback, and several on-board editing functions.

Zoom H4N
Available at more-or-less the same price is Zoom H4N. It also records in 24-bit/96kHz. Yet, there are some distinctions in the specs and features. Zoom H4N features a pair of on-board X/Y mics that can be adjusted to record in 90 degrees width or 120 degrees width. Zoom H4N also comes with two XLR/TRS combo inputs, giving you the versatility and flexibility to handle mics, instruments, and line-level devices. Both inputs can be used at the same time. There is a phantom power selectable between off, 24V and 48V. It boasts four total tracks capable of simultaneous recording. There are also built-in effects and an audio interface mode. There is a 1/8” phone output jack with a dedicated volume control for direct monitoring, a USB port for data transfer that can also work as a secondary output, and a memory card slot for storage. (See also: Zoom H6 Vs H4N)

Roland R-05 Vs Zoom H4N

Roland R-05Zoom H4N
Key features- High-quality stereo recording (24-bit / 96kHz) with the built-in stereo mic or external input. - Strong, attractive metallic exterior. Music-practice features (change tempo without changing pitch, loop playback, etc.). Onboard editing functions; built-in reverb - Auto record start, auto song split, auto level adjustPre Record function (captures 2 seconds of audio that precedes pressing REC)- Onboard X/Y Mics: High quality with easy to set selectable recording width (90 and 120 degrees) - 2 XLR/TRS Inputs: Connect mics, instruments, and line level devices 24-bit/96 kHz recording - Expanded Capabilities: Built-in effects, audio interface mode and on-board speaker - Included accessories 2015: Plastic case, 2 AA batteries, Cubase LE and manual


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So, in the end, we obviously would recommend you to choose Zoom H4N. It comes with richer features, making it not only more versatile but also more reliable. Having more tracks available is always a good thing, and the availability of both combo inputs that can work simultaneously allows you to manage more tasks easily. And the phantom power feature is great, making more inputs compatible with the device.

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