Sennheiser E609 Vs E906

Many folks find it difficult to choose between Sennheiser E609 and Sennheiser E906. For your information, these two products are excellent choices for instrument mic under two hundred bucks. Many people praised their performance, especially on guitars. But the source of the difficulty is that Sennheiser E906 comes in higher price than Sennheiser E609, so these folks question whether the extra expense will be worthy or not. If you are also having the same issue right now, then read on! We are just starting to match the two against each other!

Sennheiser E609 Vs E906

Sennheiser E609 is a microphone specially designed to deliver superb performance on musical instruments. It has a super-cardioid polar pattern, which means it primarily captures audio from the front side only. So, it can provide a decent isolation from other signals, and it is great to counter feedback issue. Sennheiser E609 has a frequency response range of 40 – 18,000 Hz, with 3,000 – 6,000 Hz midrange peak that captures the instrument’s true sonic characteristic. The mic also features lightweight humbucking coil and high peak distortion handling.

On the other hand, Sennheiser E906 is just like E609 with additional knick-knacks. Sennheiser E906 is also aimed for instruments and has a super-cardioid polar pattern, too. Its frequency range is the same, 40 – 18,000 Hz. It has shock-mounted capsule and hum-compensating coil. The main plus on the product is the switchable presence filter which provides three options of presence characteristic: bright, moderate, and dark. It is also slightly more sensitive than the E609.

Sennheiser E609 Vs E906

Sennheiser E609Sennheiser E906
Key features- Lightweight humbucking coil - Design enables close miking off guitar cabs and drums - High peak distortion handling - Heavy duty capsule assembly - 3-6,000 Hz midrange peak captures instrument's true sonic character - Capable of greater than 150 dB SPL with full fidelity- Lively, full sound with very fast attack - Flat Shape perfect for guitar amps - 3 levels of switchable presence filters - Extra-resistant reinforced metal body - Three position switchable sound character: bright, moderate, dark - Lively, full sound - 10 Year warranty

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The two products are budget-friendly, tough to beat, killer guitar mic. The two products are pretty similar to each other. Well, the E906 comes with the filter switch, but most musicians probably prefer to adjust the amplifier according to their taste instead of relying on default options. Therefore, since Sennheiser E609 is cheaper, it will give better value per money spent.

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