Sennheiser E835 Vs E935

Sennheiser E835 and Sennheiser E935 are both very good cardioid vocal microphones. They both offer high-quality performance and consistent audio. Also, you may find these two products as pretty cheap. Even so, Sennheiser E835 and Sennheiser E935 often cause perturbation to people because the price difference between them is considerable. You will need an additional US$ 70 to get the E935 over E835. Now, we are going to see if the extra bucks will be worth it or not. Have a look : Shure SM58 Vs Sennheiser E835.

Sennheiser E835 Vs E935

Both E835 and E935 have dynamic cardioid polar pattern. Seeing the specifications on Sennheiser’s website, E835 features a “rugged metal housing” while E935 has “extremely rugged metal housing”, so we may assume that E935 offers a better durability. Sennheiser E835 has a frequency response range of 40 Hz to 16,000 Hz while Sennheiser E935’s is 40 Hz to 18,000 Hz. Obviously, Sennheiser E935 is able to handle more high-frequency sounds than Sennheiser E835. However, you also may need to remember than human’s voice does not exactly reach the 16 kHz, so the higher edge on Sennheiser E935 is not a big deal. Indeed, it is widely known that extra frequency response will add more clarity to vocals, but a gain from 16 kHz to 18 kHz will not give a very distinct improvement.

Besides the wider frequency response range, Sennheiser E935 also offers slightly higher sensitivity than Sennheiser E835. But, again, the plus is not a big significance. Sennheiser E835’s sensitivity in free field with no load (1kHz) is 2,7 mV/Pa, while Sennheiser E935’s is 2,8 mV/Pa. The difference in performance will not be very vivid, even though Sennheiser E935 should be able to deliver higher accuracy and better details on paper.

Sennheiser E835 Vs E935

Sennheiser E835Sennheiser E935
Key features- Cardioid Pick-up pattern - Good Ambient noise and feedback rejection - Powerful sound presence boost- Shock mounted capsule with humbucking coil - Metal construction - Cardioid pickup pattern: Insulation from other on-stage signals - Neodymium ferrous magnet with boron: Keeps microphone stable regardless of climate - Metal construction: Rugged and reliable - 10 Year warranty

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So, budget-wise, you may want to opt for Sennheiser E835 than Sennheiser E935. With a much lower price, you can get similar qualities and performance.

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