Shure SM58 Vs SM48

Previously, I think we have agreed that Shure SM58 certainly has everything it takes to be an industry standard. It provides a stable, high-quality performance with a relatively affordable price. It is an all-rounder microphone. But, still, the curious minds just can’t stop themselves, and we are now stuck wondering if Shure SM48 can be a nice substitution for the rock. You know, since they both are basically cardioid polar pattern-ed. Read on to find out the answer! Have a look : Shure SM58 Vs Beta58A.

Shure SM58 Vs SM48

Firstly, yes, they both have cardioid polar pattern and spherical pop filter, so Shure SM58 and Shure SM48 have roughly similar ability to reject off-axis sounds. However, you can consider the SM48 as a cheaper version of SM58, so the qualities are supposedly lower, too. SM48 has smaller frequency response range (55 Hz – 14 kHz) than SM58 (50 Hz – 15 kHz). So, it is unsurprising that SM58 handles the lows and highs – especially the highs – much better. Shure SM58 offers more detailed quality on the treble side and better audio accuracy. Shure SM48 is not necessarily bad. It is still good for live vocals and a nice equipment to start with, but it is just not the excellent choice for serious recordings.

Shure SM58 Vs SM48

Shure SM58Shure SM48
Key features- Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass rolloff to control proximity effect - Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise - Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise - Effective built-in spherical wind and pop filter - On/off switch for onstage control- Cardioid pattern rejects off-axis sound - This version of the SM48 has a lockable on/off switch - Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened mid-range and bass rolloff to control proximity effect

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Therefore, if you are planning for a long-term investment, then Shure SM58 is the best option without doubt. You will find its performance much more satisfying and professional. Only if you are in dire need of microphones without the necessary budget, Shure SM48 could be the alternative.

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