SubPac M2 Vs S2

SubPac models have significantly increased in fame and popularity. These products are loved by many people from a wide range of background, from casual music listeners, gamers and movie watchers, to professional music makers and DJs. Why? The SubPac tactile bass system models are true creativity and innovation. These devices allow you to truly feel and experience the bass from the music on your body. A SubPac tactile bass system makes a great complement to your headset; you can taste the bass effect without cranking up the volume level, which action has a large chance of killing your ears. Now, there are SubPac M2 and SubPac S2 available on the market. Which is the one to choose?


Truth to be told, the only real difference between SubPac M2 and SubPac S2 is the design. SubPac M2 is designed specially to be worn on the body of the user. Such design is suitable for users who are mobile or standing up, such as for DJs and commuters. SubPac M2 will sit a little bit higher up and resonate to your chest and shoulder region. Meanwhile, SubPac S2 is made to be installed on the seat. Obviously, the design is made for static usages, such as in the studio, in a car, or in front of your computer screen. SubPac S2 will sit relatively lower against the body and resonate the lower back and chest.

However, SubPac M2 and SubPac S2 are roughly of the same size. SubPac S2 weighs 4 lbs while SubPac M2 weighs 5 lbs, but the difference is largely trivial and simply due to the different application intentions.

Operation and Performance
SubPac M2 and SubPac S2 work pretty much the same way. They can connect to any audio source either wirelessly using the built-in Bluetooth or wired using the included 3.5 mm audio cable. They each work with an internal rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which lasts about 6-8 hours per charge. The battery life is decent, ideal for usage throughout a day.

Their performance is also similar. They give you the next-level immersion and coordination never experienced before, and they are also an essential part of the Virtual Reality technology. Both models have the frequency response range of 5 Hz – 130 Hz.

SubPac M2 Vs S2

SubPac M2SubPac S2
Key features- SubPac M2 makes things you enjoy far more exciting and immersive. - SubPac M2 works with the gear and devices you already have. - Innovative design allows for in-home or active use. - Technology used by audio professionals in games, movies & music. - Bring the feeling of SubPac with you anywhere.- SubPac S2 makes things you enjoy far more exciting and immersive. - SubPac S2 works with the gear and seating you already have. - Small enough to throw into your bag, but sturdy enough for constant use. - Used by audio professionals in games, movies & music. - There simply isn't another product that can replace SubPac.

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So, in choosing between these two models, you need to consider how you are going to use the device. For mobile usage, you should go with SubPac M2, which allows you to wear the tactile bass system. For seats (in car, studio, or gaming setup), SubPac S2 is the way. Remember, though, that you can always use both SubPac M2 and SubPac S2!

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