Tascam DP-24SD Vs Zoom R16

Looking for a portable workstation? Either Tascam DP-24SD or Zoom R16 may be the solution for you. These multi-track recorders come with all the things you need to work in any place. However, Tascam DP-24SD vs Zoom R16 do come with some distinctive features, so one of them may be more suitable for you than the other.

By reading this article, you will answer your questions about:
– The pros and cons of Tascam DP-24SD vs Zoom R16,
– Their distinctive features and capabilities, and
– Which one is the best portable recorder for the money.

Size and Design
It is true that both Tascam DP-24SD and Zoom R16 are classified as portable recorders, but their different features make them have very different dimensions. Tascam DP-24SD is quite bigger and heavier. It measures 514.0 mm wide, 336.9 mm deep, and 100.4 mm tall. The weight is about 6.2 kg. Hence, it may be more difficult to carry around.

However, for the added dimensions, you get great features from Tascam DP-24SD. It looks very classy with the angled display panel, featuring a 3.5-inch LCD screen and backlit buttons. It has many more on-board controls, which enable you to mix your tracks seamlessly. There are 18 track faders and 1 master fader to give you instant access to all tracks without selecting banks or pages. For a smaller handheld recorder, see Zoom H5 vs Tascam DR 100.

On the other hand, Zoom R16 is much smaller and lighter, so it is quite easy to bring around. According to Zoom‘s page, it only measures 376 mm wide, 237.1 mm deep, and 52.2 mm tall. The weight is only 1.3 kg. You can easily slip this device into your backpack.

The on-board features of Zoom R16 are not as fancy as Tascam DP-24SD’s, but they are good enough to get things done. There are dedicated sliders for the eight channels and one master slider. It features a backlit alphanumeric display on the right part.

Computer Connectivity and MIDI Support
These two models are suitable for different purposes. Tascam DP-24SD is great for people who don’t need to work with a DAW on a computer. It has its own mixer; you can work using Tascam DP-24SD alone without a computer. It does have a USB port to connect to a computer, but this is only for file transfer. In addition, note that the new version of Tascam DP-24SD has dropped MIDI support.

On the other hand, Zoom R16 can connect to a computer via the USB connection and act as a controller for a DAW. It also has MIDI support. So, this is a nice choice if you prefer a recorder that works with your computer to mix your tracks.

Tascam DP-24SD is a full-fledged portable workstation which is capable of eight-track simultaneous recording. It supports up to 24 tracks. There are eight XLR mic/line inputs with phantom power, one input with an instrument-level impedance, and balanced outputs and effects sends. It has a built-in mixer with EQ, amp simulations, reverbs, and multi-band mastering effects. There are also other built-in effects such as compressions and delays with a total of 10 effects processors during mixing.

On the other hand, Zoom R16 is a 16-channel recorder capable of 8-track simultaneous recording. It has eight balanced combo inputs, with phantom power available on two inputs. In total, there are 135 types of digital effects available for recording, mixing, and mastering. There are also built-in stereo mics, which may be handy for backup. It comes with the Steinberg Cubase LE software.

Tascam DP-24SD Vs Zoom R16

Tascam DP-24SDZoom R16
Key features- Eighteen track faders and one master fader allows instant access to any track without selecting pages or banks of faders - 3.5" LCD screen and select, self-illuminated buttons - make it easy to keep an eye on your entire creative process- 16-channel playback, 8-channel simultaneous recording - 48V phantom power available on 2 tracks - The R16 comes preprogrammed with 135 types of digital effects for recording, mixing, and mastering

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In general, Tascam DP-24SD is more recommended because it provides more value for the money. It is a powerful portable workstation with a classy design. It comes with a built-in mixer, and it does not need to connect to a computer to finish a project. However, you may choose Zoom R16 if you highly prefer a device that can act as a controller for your computer’s DAW and comes with MIDI support.

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