Tascam DP-32SD Vs Zoom R24

If you’re in search of an object named digital recorder that we know his presence is getting increasingly sophisticated and diverse, you guys certainly never heard of the product that comes from two brands of the world and have had many previous review. They both are Tacsam DP-32SD and Zoom R-24. Each of them is different but the series is often compared because of capacity owned quite similar. What are the advantages that distinguish between Tacsam DP-32SD and Zoom R24? Where does this digital recorder between two should you guys choose? Read the following article first to find out the answer.

Tascam DP-32SD Vs Zoom R24

Tascam DP-32SD
The Tascam DP-32SD provides a creative musical experience, Built-in project mastering and finalizing, High-quality, dependable hardware design, and features at a glance. With 32 tracks to solid state media, this product can record up to 8 tracks at a time through its combination XLR and 1/4 inch combo jacks. Input processing like compression and limiting are available during recording, as well as guitar amp simulation and multi-effects for use with the instrument-level input. A color LCD and channel strip knobs make mixing fast and creative. The included 4GB SD card can be replaced with up to 32GB SCHC media or swapped with other cards between projects. With its great sound, powerful features and easy operation, the DP-32SD is TASCAM’s biggest Portastudio yet.

Zoom R24
Zoom R24 has a 24 track recorder and mixing tools. It can be used as a multi-channel computer audio interdace and control surface. It also includes loop-sampling facilities, drum samples, and a sequencer for constructing rhythm tracks. A pair of built-in mics of its own can help you when you have no external ones to hand. Other manufacturers must wonder how Zoom manage to include so much functionality without compromising quality or charging a fortune. R24 has been given some ‘quick‑key’ hardware black buttons, which line up with on‑screen options such as Record, Mute, Solo and Exit. Finally, for what it’s worth, the R24 is now painted an attractive metallic silver, rather than white. (Read also : Zoom R16 Vs R24)

Tascam DP-32SD Vs Zoom R24

Tascam DP-32SDZoom R24
Key features- Simultaneous 32 track playback - 8 mono tracks + 12 mono/stereo selectable tracks - Integrated 40-input mixer to mix down the 32 playback tracks with the 8 inputs or for bouncing- Equipped with a set of built-in high-sensitivity stereo condenser mic - Capture sound effects, speeches and dialog with excellent clarity

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The fullest value-per-money score is nailed by Tascam DP-32SD. It is an excellent recorder if you are not exactly interested in audio editor software extras. It has some limitations, however. If you want the option of recording more than eight tracks at once always ready, or you prefer to work with an audio editor software, Zoom R24 should be your choice.

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