Waldorf Blofeld Vs Largo

Are you confused in buying a musical instrument synthesizer? A musical instrument synthesizer proves to be quite expensive. To choose the best synthesizer with a good output is really vital. All is because you don’t want to buy such an expensive item over and over again. That’s why you need to choose only the best brands. One of them is Waldorf. Waldorf musical instrument synthesizers are well-known for quality. From all the synthesizers that it produces, there are two that have been proven quite good. Waldorf Blofeld and Waldorf Largo are both musical instrument synthesizers which emphasize heavily on quality. Both Blofeld and Largo recommend you to upgrade your operating system to at least Windows 98 or Windows XP. The requirements are quite low so you won’t need too much effort for getting it. The installation of both products is really simple even the newcomers can do it. After the installation, the products are ready to be used anytime you want. With all the ease, we shall dig even deeper to look for which one is better. Blofeld or Largo? So let’s see both compared to each other!

Waldorf Blofeld Vs Largo

Software & User Interface
The programming interface of Blofeld seems quite old compared to Largo, but the interface itself is programmed really well and works perfectly with the machine. The user interface though looks quite lacking with just limited control knobs and buttons. There are only seven control knobs and five buttons on it. Unlike Blofeld which depends on its well programmed systems, Largo deepens the function of the CPU. The CPU usage makes a lot of simplification, making it easier to access the programmes. The heavy CPU usage is because the programme that it contains is really big. The Largo user interface differs a little bit from Blofeld but still a standard interface.

Each product has a different approach to the hardware. Blofeld uses three oscillators and two multi-mode filters as its core. Blofeld can load two different wavetables into two oscillators. These different wavetables input makes the sounds even better and complex. On the other hand, Largo’s virtual approach is based on analog design. Equipped with three main oscillators, consisting of two sub-oscillators and noise-source oscillator. Largo has another equipment too like multi-mode filters, three LFOs, 16-slot modulation matrix, and a lot of effects selection buttons.

The power of Largo seems superior in this aspect. That is proven by the capacity of voices output. Largo can resonate up to 256 voices per instance, supported by 4 stereo outputs capability, midi controller automation, and the parameters. Although, all of those still depend on the CPU capability. On the opposite, Blofeld can just resonate up to 50 voices per instances with no stereo outputs capability and automation controller.

Waldorf Blofeld Vs Largo

Waldorf BlofeldWaldorf Largo
Key features- General, up to 50 voices - 16 part multi timbral - 1000 sounds, 100 multi programs- Shape your sound with Waldorf's amazing oscillators - Sound great with Waldorf's incredible filters

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The specification from both products shown that Waldorf Largo is far better compared to Waldorf Blofeld. The indicators are the easier software, better hardware, and better output quality.

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