Waldorf Blofeld Vs Pulse 2

If you are the type of guy who loves experimenting with musical instruments, then you must have a musical synthesizer machine. The special musical instrument synthesizer machine must have the ability to produce clear, bright, and multi-effect sound. One that has become the pioneer of musical instrument synthesizer from past until now is Waldorf Blofeld. Waldorf Blofeld has risen again after so many time hits the ground. Now Waldorf Blofeld offers us with a unique quality of synthesizer machine. This machine has the capability to produce a warm and organic analog sound with many effects at one time. The other way around, we also have Waldorf Pulse 2. This newly emerged synthesizer fill the Waldorf music brand with a new kind of machine. This machine is really different with his predecessor. Pulse 2 offers an all analog synthesizer design along with the ability to experiment with paraphonic sounds. Both items have shown us such a promising build-up. But is it enough to fulfill your needs? Then let’s try to find which one fits you the best!

Waldorf Blofeld Vs Pulse 2

There are people out there asking us, “Is Blofeld good enough to make polyphonic sounds?” The answer is absolute yes. This is mainly because Blofeld offers us with the ability to make a polyphonic synth. With the analog modeling wavetable synthesis, and three oscillators syncing making Blofeld rocks with polyphonic synth. But that advantage comes with some problems. Blofeld sometimes can be tricky; you need to use it properly to have the optimum outcome. Another negative side is that Blofeld’s program is kind of old and lacking some upgrade, but that should be nice enough for a product with such a low price. On the contrary, Pulse 2 has the power in paraphonic sound. It is kind of wasted if you prefer a polyphonic synth. But if you love a mono sound, the Pulse 2 can be a promising product. However, the fact that Blofeld can make a paraphonic sound with some little change, makes Pulse 2 feel a bit overwhelmed by Blofeld. (Take a look : Waldorf Blofeld Vs Largo)

Blofeld is packed with lots of features. Blofeld has three oscillators which can frequency modulate each other, ring modulation, noise source with controllable color, the same analog model along with the wavetable synthesis. Another thing is that Blofeld has 16 slot modulation matrix make it simpler for us to make a modified sound. The other way around, we have Pulse 2 with 12dB Highpass and Bandpass modes with an addition to 24dB/12dB lowpass, making it even more flexible. Pulse 2 is added with ring modulation from OSC 3 and paraphonic mode which makes it fits perfectly for paraphonic sounds.

Waldorf Blofeld Vs Pulse 2

Waldorf BlofeldWaldorf Pulse 2
Key features- General, up to 50 voices - 16 part multi timbral - 1000 sounds, 100 multi programs- its legendary 1990s predecessor - the Pulse 2 monophonic analog synth module

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Blofeld has the upper hand compared to Pulse 2. All is because Blofeld can accommodate both paraphonic and polyphonic sound. In terms of price, both can be considered cheap stuff. So we recommend you to choose Blofeld as a cheap, well-made, and accommodating musical synthesizer machine.

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