Zoom R16 Vs R24

With the advancement of modern technology, it is fair that people begin to expect their gadgets and devices to be able to handle multiple tasks. We want a convenient simple single thing that answers all our needs, just like smartphones and tablets nowadays. So, now, it only makes sense if a stand-alone multitrack recorder is also designed as a computer audio interface, a controller, and a portable recorder to add more values. If you are currently in need of such tool, then take a look at Zoom R16 and Zoom R24. Zoom R16 accomplishes all the duties. ZoomR24 works more wonders. Which one complies your needs sufficiently?

Zoom R16 Vs R24

You may have guessed that their names indicate the amount of available record tracks on each model. If yes, then you are precisely right. Zoom R16 is able to record up to 16 tracks while Zoom R24 is able to record a maximum of 24 tracks. Apparently, Zoom R24 offers a more flexible and practical usage because of this aspect, but it all depends on your needs. If you don’t need as much channels, then the additional eight go into waste. Also, both models have the link capability, which allows two R16s or two R24s to be connected to each other and perform in parallel. See also: Tascam DP-24SD Vs Zoom R24.

Both products have built-in drum pads and drum sounds. This is interesting, as the amount of the sounds on each hand also relates with their number of tracks. The user can also load customized samples of drum pads into each device, and the sounds can be used during a recording session.

Zoom R16 Vs R24

Zoom R16Zoom R24
Key features- 16-channel playback, 8-channel simultaneous recording - 48V phantom power available on 2 tracks - The R16 comes preprogrammed with 135 types of digital effects for recording, mixing, and mastering - Records on up to 32GB SDHC cards for maximum recording time - Eight balanced XLR-1/4-Inch combination inputs- Equipped with a set of built-in high-sensitivity stereo condenser mic - Capture sound effects, speeches and dialog with excellent clarity - Connect two R24s via USB for 16 tracks of simultaneous recording - Record Scratch tracks and overdub voiceovers in post-production - Onboard phantom power with high-quality Mic preamps and vocal effects

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So, in general, Zoom R24 is better than Zoom R16 as it gives more versatility and a wider range of audio possibilities. It is perhaps the safest bet if you can afford it.

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